Implementation packages, pricing estimate, and everything else you need to know about Taleo Business Edition.

Taleo Is More Than Just A World-Renowned Recruiting System

Taleo Offers Four Seamless Talent Management Modules to Create a Comprehensive Hire-to-Retire HR System.

The Talent Acquisition tool that grows with your organization.

Taleo’s Recruit module supports everything from the most basic talent needs to the more complex talent processes of a world-wide organization. It’s no wonder over 5,000 companies worldwide trust Taleo Business Edition for their Talent Acquisition needs.

  • Automatically post current openings
  • Source top talent
  • Manage all applicants and sourced candidates seamlessly
  • Extend employment offers for esignature

Whether you’re selecting your first applicant tracking system, looking for a more fully-featured talent solution or are just trying to learn more, visit the Taleo Recruit page for more information on the Taleo Recruit features.

Take the 'paper' out of 'paperwork' with the Taleo Onboard module. Easily create a truly paperless and automated new hire onboarding process and digitize other employee documents throughout the employee lifecycle.

  • Automatically create employee profiles from hired candidate records
  • Send new hire forms for completion & esignature
  • Assign internal tasks to prep for the new hire’s first day
  • Create a digital system of record for employment documents

Take the first step toward a best-in-class employee experience by visiting the Taleo Onboard page for more information.

Whether you are conducting quarterly, annual, or milestone reviews, Taleo’s Perform module is designed to support a modern and structured employee review process so that your managers can focus on mentoring, not paperwork.

  • Store and assign custom job competencies
  • Automate employee review distribution & collection
  • Conduct 360 reviews with ease
  • Establish a centralized and digital review storage system

Learn how you can move your employee review process into the 21st century on the Taleo Perform page.

Integrated with Taleo Perform, Taleo Compensation taps into the automated employee performance review data to ensure fair allocation of merit and bonus pay, keep employees motivated, and manage the organization compensation cycles.

  • Establish annual, quarterly, or other compensation plans
  • Manage costs related to salary and bonus options
  • Integrate merit-based increases with the employee review process
  • Ensure pay equity across the organization

Learn more about how you can seamlessly integrate your compensation plan with your employee review process to more effectively manage costs by going to the Taleo Compensation page.


There are four new releases for Taleo each year, automatically updating your installation with new features and capabilities.

Here Is A Timeline Of A Successful Taleo Implementation
By RecruitingDash

The Challenge

Sara is an HR Manager at a fast-growing company. She needs great candidates to fill multiple jobs. She needs high quality metrics and reporting. She is using a third tier applicant tracking system and it’s too much work to manage. Sara doesn’t have an ATS System Administrator, and doesn’t have time to be one.


Sara spent 60 minutes talking with a RecruitingDash expert and they were able to create a customized proposal for implementing Taleo. RecruitingDash helped her evaluate everything that she needs in a recruiting system and nothing that she doesn’t. Sara likes that RecruitingDash took the time to explain how to best deliver Taleo with the budget available.


RecruitingDash delivered a detailed fixed price, fixed scope proposal that contained everything Sara’s organization needs and nothing that they don’t. It included options which helped Sara understand how Taleo will grow with her organization.


RecruitingDash then drove a fast, structured, 8-week implementation that delivered best practice Taleo configurations perfectly tailored to Sara’s organization. RecruitingDash hosted live training sessions for Sara’s entire team, so they all use Taleo effectively, adhering to best practices.

Ongoing Support

After go-live, RecruitingDash ensures that Sara’s Taleo system continued to run at peak performance, and is continually up-to-date with all the great new features that Taleo releases every quarter. Sara loves that RecruitingDash continues to support her and her needs and didn’t just move onto the next customer.

Great Results

Sara’s team increased applicants by 54%, saved money and time by being able to focus on recruiting, and less time on manual processes and administrative tasks. Sara’s team is now automating the entire new hire onboarding process, eliminating all the paper forms. Her company is getting 100% from their investment in Taleo.


Taleo Business Editition supports 17 languages
(including Japanese and Chinese)

Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up Mobile TBE is moderate complexity in terms of TBE configurations.

The duration of the implementation process depends on the number of features an organization chooses to setup. For example, some organizations need multiple career websites, for example one for hourly hiring and one for corporate hiring. This doubles the work required to configure the Taleo career website and makes the project take a little longer to complete. We use an agile, sprint-based implementation methodology so that features go live throughout the implementation (not all at the end). First go live of Taleo features typically happens after 2 weeks.

Typical implementation durations are as follows:

  • Taleo Recruit: 4–6 weeks
  • Taleo Onboard: 2–3 weeks
  • Taleo Perform (Performance Management): 4 weeks
  • Taleo Compensation Management: 2–3 weeks

We typically recommend only 1–2 people on the client project team. Most implementations require about 2 hours a week of your time: 90 minutes in the weekly project meeting, and then an additional hour each week to review prototype Taleo configurations and provide feedback.

Since Taleo is in the cloud, 100% of our implementations are done remotely, from our office locations around the United States. You will be assigned a RecruitingDash Taleo expert to lead and manage your project. We will set a recurring weekly meeting and drive the agenda each week.

You can easily brand the Mobile TBE Career Website with your logo, choose from a color palette, customize the verbiage to include components of your employee value proposition, and create an integrated experience with your existing employment brand and website "look and feel."

The best practice is to first configure Recruit, and then to setup the Onboard system once Recruit is fully operational. This sequential approach ensures that data flowing from the Taleo Recruit system maps perfectly to data in Taleo Onboard.

For most implementations, there’s nothing that your IT department needs to do, which is one of the primary benefits of choosing a cloud based service like Taleo. That said, when "turning on" the new Taleo Career Website, a link to the new Taleo careers page on your organization’s website must be updated to point to the Taleo Career Website URL.

Additionally, some features in Taleo require a little IT support to setup, but we will let you know these details at the time we submit our proposal.

Taleo can be implemented with virtually any other system. One great thing about Taleo there are existing Taleo HR system integrations already available. In addition, about 80% of our customers choose to use our hybrid integration option, which eliminates the need to manually key in any new hire data into any other system, but is also very cost effective.

With a very feature rich system like Taleo Business Edition, it’s critical that you get everything setup that you need and nothing that you do not need. Therefore, to get you the best price, we will talk with you and ask you a comprehensive set of structured questions to help you determine what Taleo features should be in scope and out of scope, and then RecruitingDash will submit a fixed price proposal to you for exactly what you need. This way, you get the most out of your investment in Taleo but don’t pay to setup features that you might not be ready for or not need.

If we implement Taleo in the best way possible and we don’t teach you how to use the system, then we have failed as your partner. Therefore, training is included with every single implementation we do. All training is delivered remotely via WebEx, but is delivered using your Taleo system so users learn exactly how to use your Taleo system in a best practice way.

Oracle can set up your system, but professional services firms like RecruitingDash typically do so at a much lower cost and also offer value added services (like resume importing or post go-live remote system administration) that Oracle does not offer. Additionally, when software companies setup any system, they really know the software but typically don’t know much about recruiting. RecruitingDash consultants come from a background as HR practitioners with technical expertise. You get the best of both worlds with HR professionals and technical consultants supporting your projects with us.


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  • RecruitingDash delivers both expertise in Taleo Business Edition software AND expertise in Human Resources best practices (our founder led recruiting at Starbucks and Google) allowing us to share the absolute best knowledge and experience in Taleo.
  • Our consultants have successfully completed over 500 Taleo engagements making us the world leader in all things Taleo Business Edition. No one has more experience.
  • We work with organizations of all sizes and across all industry sectors.
  • We will guide you through the implementation following the path of best practices.
  • We help your HR and management team work smarter, not harder. We will partner to implement best practices, eliminate manual processes, reduce paperwork and automate key HR functions with Taleo.
  • Most of our customers choose one of our low cost ongoing support options. We will be your long term partner to keep your Taleo system up to date and working perfectly.
  • Let’s face it, setting up a new HR system is not like a trip to Disneyland. We guarantee you’ll enjoy working with us and learn a lot of best practices along the way.