A Customized Taleo Tune-up Assessment Helps Taleo Work Better!

Most customers are only using 35% (or less) of the existing Taleo functionality. Receive your free Taleo Business Edition (TBE) Tune-Up Assessment today and learn about the other 65% and how to start using it.

What is the FREE Taleo Tune Up Assessment?

  • Comprehensive, no-strings-attached 89-point review of your existing Taleo system by an expert consultant
  • Includes a demo of all unused Taleo features
  • Our team does all the work
  • Detailed, 40-page report explaining unused features, best practices, and Taleo configuration improvements all detailed
  • Fast! Receive your analysis report in 72 hours
  • No obligation - feel free to implement all the Taleo changes yourself (or of course, you can hire us to do the work!)

Benefits of your Taleo Tune-Up Assessment Report

  • Gain efficiency - Discover additional features and automations in Taleo
  • Reduce clicking - Make Taleo faster and easier to navigate
  • Save time - Eliminate manual steps in your recruiting process
  • Solve problems - Reveal the root cause of existing Taleo issues
  • Plan for the future - Create a roadmap for updating Taleo to meet your needs
  • Get buy-in - The Taleo Tune-up Assessment has a built-in business case for each and every feature
  • Maximize your return on investment from Taleo
  • Modernize Taleo - Identify newly released features you haven’t enabled
  • Understand what’s possible with your existing TBE system
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Taleo Tune-Up Assessment FAQs

Are you using these key Taleo features?

(Hint: Most organizations aren't.)

  • Employee referral portal - Make it easy for your employees to refer high-quality candidates (And don’t lose track of a single one.) Reduce time to fill and improve quality of hire.
  • Automatic candidate dispositioning and notification - Reduce the workload for your busy HR and recruiting team.
  • Custom-branded candidate emails - Improve candidate experience and promote your employment brand.
  • Fuly electronic candidate offer letters - Draft, approve, deliver, and sign candidate offer letters digitally.
  • Multi-step online candidate application - A proven Taleo feature to generate more applicants for every one of your open requisitions.
  • Automated candidate pre-screening - Stop wasting time with unqualified applicants. Let Taleo short-list your candidates for you. .

Signs that your Taleo system needs a tune-up:

  • You haven't (re)evaluated your Taleo system in over 12 months
  • You've considered switching to another applicant tracking system
  • It takes too many clicks for your recruiting and HR teams to do their jobs
  • You still have too much manual processing
  • Your HR teams aren't using Taleo Business Edition effectively or efficiently
  • You wish you had better metrics and reporting capabilities
  • You aren't utilizing the new features that Taleo has released over the last year
  • Your team needs Taleo training
  • You don’t know what else Taleo can do for you
  • When setup correctly, Taleo allows busy HR staff to manage recruiting, onboarding, performance management, compensation planning, and learning and development - all in one place. If you feel like your Taleo system could work better but don’t know where to start, it’s time for a custom Taleo Assessment by RecruitingDash.

The Custom Taleo Assessment Process

Step 1 - Request your Custom Taleo Assessment

It takes less than a minute. Just provide some basic contact information to get started.

Step 2 - RecruitingDash reviews your Taleo system.

A RecruitingDash expert will assess YOUR Taleo system and deliver comprehensive recommendations for improvement. This is a detailed, 89+ point review of your Taleo system that identifies specific changes that will materially improve the functionality in your existing Taleo system.

Step 3 - Meet with RecruitingDash to review your Taleo Assessment

Meet with the RecruitingDash Taleo expert who evaluated your Taleo system to review your specific recommendations. Ask questions about Taleo and HR process best practices as well as receive a demo of any Taleo features you’d like to see.

Step 4 - Make a plan of action.

Work with your RecruitingDash expert to design a custom plan for tuning up your Taleo system. Take action internally on your chosen Taleo improvements or have RecruitingDash do the required configurations while your team stays focused on HR & recruiting.

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  • Improve efficiency in Taleo
  • Move closer to "paperless HR"
  • Save your HR team time
  • Maximize your Taleo value / return on investment
  • Customized consultation for your needs
  • Take advantage of new TBE features
  • Increase human resources compliance
  • Reduce legal risk

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