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  • RecruitingDash delivers both expertise in Taleo Business Edition software AND expertise in Human Resources best practices (our founder led recruiting at Starbucks and Google) allowing us to share the absolute best knowledge and experience in Taleo.
  • Our consultants have successfully completed over 500 Taleo engagements making us the world leader in all things Taleo Business Edition. No one has more experience.
  • We work with organizations of all sizes and across all industry sectors.
  • We will guide you through the implementation following the path of best practices.
  • We help your HR and management team work smarter, not harder. We will partner to implement best practices, eliminate manual processes, reduce paperwork and automate key HR functions with Taleo.
  • Most of our customers choose one of our low cost ongoing support options. We will be your long term partner to keep your Taleo system up to date and working perfectly.
  • Let’s face it, setting up a new HR system is not like a trip to Disneyland. We guarantee you’ll enjoy working with us and learn a lot of best practices along the way.