2020 Oracle Taleo Server Migration Project - What You Need to Know

As of October 8th, 2021: Oracle has discontinued all functionality for legacy Taleo servers. The links to your Taleo career website, job posting links, Taleo images, Taleo email delivery, and other vital parts of your existing Taleo system may be disrupted if you failed to complete the required remediations.

Taleo Features and Functionality That Will Be Impacted

  • Every link to your existing Taleo career websites(s) needs to be changed on all websites (including your company's main website)
  • Unless you make all the necessary changes, all the links to your Taleo career page will be broken. Your TBE career website will appear to be down and candidates won’t be able to view, search, or apply to your jobs.

  • All Taleo job posting links will break
  • Links to your career website and online candidate application in posted jobs at sites such as LinkedIn, Careerbuilder, or Indeed will break. Paid job postings may be wasted as candidates will not be able to click through to apply to your jobs.

  • The Taleo Employee Referral Portal will break
  • If you are using the Taleo employee referral portal at your organization, the URL is changing and must be updated or your staff will not be able to submit referrals.

  • All Email Whitelisting entries will need updating
  • You will need to work with your IT department to make updates based on the new Taleo server, so that candidates and your own recruiting staff will be able to reliably receive emails sent from Taleo.

  • Branded candidate emails sent from Taleo may have broken links and may not look correct
  • Candidates clicking links in automated Taleo emails may experience broken links. Emails formatting may be incorrect and missing images which will deliver a negative perception of your company's brand.

  • ...and 22 other potential issues impacting both candidates and team members
  • There may be other impacts to your currently configured system depending on how your organization uses Taleo and what other systems are integrated or related to Taleo.

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TBE Server Upgrade FAQ's

What You Must Do To Assure Your Taleo System Continues to Work Correctly

Do-it-yourself to identify and fix everything prior to the due dates.

Download and review the official Oracle documentation (1 hour)

Note: You must have an authorized Oracle Support login, a Support Identifier and a technical understanding of Taleo to be able to access and use the official Oracle documents:

Assess and identify all impacts of the Taleo server upgrade (3 hours)

Review every Taleo module to determine impacted functionality. Also evaluate impacted websites, emails, and any third party systems or services interfacing with Taleo.

Reconfigure critical items prior to server migration (4+ hours)

Several Taleo features must be reconfigured before the scheduled server update to avoid disruptions in service. You will need to collaborate with your IT team and other members of your organization to complete these changes.

Reconfigure critical items after the server migration (4+ hours)

Some Taleo reconfigurations must be made after the server update has been completed. You will need to work with your IT department and other members of your organization to complete these changes within 30 days.

Troubleshoot missed configurations that cause disruptions for your team (1 - 20 hours)

If you miss any required updates, key Taleo features will break that may impact your recruiters, candidates, job postings, applicant flow, and other key processes and will need to be fixed immediately.

Let RecruitingDash prepare a custom Server Migration Guide, complete the required Taleo reconfigurations & provide support.

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Attend your Custom Server Migration Guide Debrief Session & ask questions (60 minutes)

Meet with RecruitingDash to review your organization's Custom Server Migration Guide and the timeline and work required.

Authorize RecruitingDash to implement all required updates to your Taleo system (no time required)

  1. RecruitingDash will make all required updates to Taleo, AND
  2. Provide a comprehensive project plan including email instruction templates to get the changes to outside systems completed as well. (This includes emails to your web development team, your company's email administrators, other third party integrations such as payroll, background vendors, other HR systems, etc.)

...OR Use your Custom Server Migration Guide to implement all required changes yourself (4+ hours)

Follow the clearly outlined steps provided in the RecruitingDash Server Migration Guide to resolve all break points and eliminate the risk for your organization.

RecruitingDash will support you throughout the whole process (invaluable)

When you, or your marketing or IT team have questions, we will be here to support the entire process. If you follow our Guide Book, and there are issues after the migration, we'll be there to make adjustments and help you resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

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